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An original series based on true Veterans stories


Jobs & training opportunities for military men & women in the film industry


Veterans worked on set with the crew alongside award winning New York City cinematographer, Till Neumann.

"The military mindset translates well to the film set"


It takes a cohesive team to make any film. The discipline and special skill set makes each team members role on a film set important. Veterans find comradery and a new mission on a film set.

Gary Sinses Ambassador - Cpt. Leslie Nicole Smith & Issac inspired the VFA.


Lisa Regina the creator of "Heroic Episodes" and "The Shades" - 2 shorts Lisa filmed with Veterans on set as cast and crew members. The 2 projects are 'proof of concept' that the Veterans Film Apprenticeship is a successful job opportunity & training model.

Veterans Shadow Crew & Cast

Film requires Comradery, Discipline & Teamwork.

Veterans go through an interview process  with Heroic Episodes Producer Lisa Regina &  with Mike Ferraro President of Bridging the Gap to match their skill set and interests with roles in the film production. 

The Veterans Film Apprenticeship Needs You.


The VFA can only happen with the strong support of sponsorship. To become a sponsor, contact:



"Thank you for your service & sacrifice. I hope to see you on set!" ____Lisa Regina