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An original series based on true Veterans stories


Heroic Episodes - a series based on true Veterans stories


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Our producing team is dedicated to creating content that explores and shares the diverse and real stories of our Veterans. Our team leader, Lisa Regina has spent 5 years interviewing military men and women in order to give voice to their true stories. Most importantly, these intimate interviews have offered insight into the far removed lives of our Veterans, as well as powerful content for the series. 

The Heroic Episodes team, along with a team of military consultants are dedicated to the process of real storytelling. We respect and value each and every Veteran who has every served for our country. 

As a result, we are able to create engaging content with characters that are relatable and that have a strong impact on our audiences. Some of these stories are inspiring, while others share the struggles of our Veterans returning home. Most importantly, each new episode will focus on the human story. With the guidance of our Veteran consultants, Heroic Episodes is able to provide a platform to military men and women, who have a strong desire to have their stories told.

The camaraderie of our production team  allows our individual talents to emerge and create content of integrity and grit.

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Heroic Episodes is a dramatic television series in development based on true Veterans stories.The objective is to provide Veterans with a platform to tell their real stories through the characters in the series.

The story is about heroes and how they often find struggles, a war of a different kind when transitioning back home. Despite the challenges when returning home, some Veterans continue to serve their communities and save lives even after their military service.

The series follows the McMullen's, a family whose pride is deeply rooted in patriotism and military service. Beginning with son Mike's return home to Philly as an amputee from an IED blast in Afghanistan. Each episode will interweave and introduce into the series, a new Veteran's story of returning from Iraq and Afghanistan to urban America.


Heroic Episodes will be launched as a web series, using social media as a platform for Veterans to submit their real-life stories for content consideration for future episodes.

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Thank you for your sacrifice and service. 

The Heroic Episodes team looks forward to shining the light on your story.


In addition to providing high quality dramatic entertainment, Heroic Episodes is committed to support our Veterans transitioning home and offer job opportunities by hiring military men and women as part of our production team in roles as consultants, actors, writers, crew.

We are seeking corporate sponsors who support our Veterans. To meet with one of our Heroic Episodes Producers to discuss sponsorship, please call: 609-468-7474

Tribute & Honor

To respect, support and honor a fallen soldier and loved one, Heroic Episodes will add a tribute video at the end of an  episode. The video will highlight a Veteran or an organization.

The Tribute & Honor video is dedicated to Veterans and their families to let them know they are never forgotten.


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Thank you for your service. With Gratitude & Respect, The Heroic Episodes Team

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Heroic Episodes

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